Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Fun!

The weekend was great. Esther slept over her girlfriends house and the boys had some friends over to watch "Iron Man". Here they are learning some card tricks. Then on Sunday - my favorite day of the week - after an Italian meal of red sauce, pasta, bread, and salad we had desert. Don't be jealous. Debs I know that the food in Germany is awesome but there is nothing like a pastry from Brooklyn! Only problem... Bracey only bought 4, that's ok, we shared!!
See you tomorrow after I work out due to the pastry!!

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brooklyndeb said...

oh man, i can taste those pastries. that has got to be on the list of top things from brooklyn. actually, the bread here is good...but i have not been impressed with the sweets/pastries/desserts part of germany. we definately do dessert better in the states. i am glad that you had a good weekend. our weekend was really nice too...despite this stinking cold! i wish i could have joined you for a good old sunday meal of pasta. not to be confused with sunday dinner at camp of roast beef and mashed potatoes...ha! i am looking forward to see you tonight.'s all i will think about! love you!