Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Wedding

The wedding of Bracey's friend Sheldon was lovely. It began in a rush for me though. Bracey was a groomsman and I had to drop him off at the church at 8:45. He told me the wedding was at 10:30, enough time to go the the drug store to buy nylons, get home and get dressed. I was fast but at 9:58 Bracey called me and said "Laura, I made a mistake the wedding is going to start in 7 minutes". OK, rush, rush, rush. I left the house (without the camera!!!) and got to the church at 10:19. And guess what? The wedding didn't start until 10:45. I went home after the service to get the camera before heading to the reception which was in Queens.
The ceremony was beautiful. The pastor gave a perfect message and charge to the bride and groom. The food at the reception was delicious and the atmosphere delightful. Here are the pictures - enjoy.

The third picture is looking out over Queens, that's the Zoo below. I love the one of Bracey looking out over the city. Oh if all of those people were Christians!!!


Teresa said...

I love the cake---so beautiful! Gold frosting! How'd it taste? They had no bride and groom on top. You both looked great!

Law said...

Thanks, The cake did not taste as good as it looked. It was dry and flavorless. Too bad - that's my favorite part!!

brooklyndeb said...

my dear guys look marvelous!!! i am glad that you had a good time. was there dancing? did you get to party a little bit???