Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh, the fun of homeschool!

What a great Thursday morning - I was not feeling well, the old intestine trouble, so the kids got started on their own. Then they started leaf burning, a favorite of the kids these days. Next Isaiah took out his slime and amazed us with a disgusting show of slime talent!! Now we are having lunch; soup, scrambled eggs on toast and chips!!
After lunch it's History, Bible and home work.


david santos said...

Really beautiful pictures!!!

brooklyndeb said...

oh man...uncle bryan is so proud of you guys exploring all the leaves. brooke and kate have been collecting and pressing leaves too. gotta love fall!!! and i love the slime! no really...i love slime. i used to beg my mom for that as a kid! how cool!!! what a great day in brooklyn! wish i could be there!!! love you all!