Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In the classroom.

Ok so I went to the library, CVS, and Doody's but forgot my camera so here are our school pictures of the day.
Daniel finished his Astronomy work. Esther is getting some tips on double digit multiplication. All three are doing Grammar (possessive nouns - PNA). Finally, Isaiah finishing (very late into the night) his Astronomy work.
See ya later.

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brooklyndeb said...

i must say...your version of homeschooling is WAY more organized that anything i do. and so much more professional. am i going to mess up my kids' chances for harvard??? i'm not sure bryan would let them go to any other big wig school besides william and mary...ha!!! but reality...they are going to the very free school of guilford college...ha! i love the pictures. you have got to keep that camera with you at all times. put a not on your front door "do you have your camera today?" and then think of me when you see it...he, he.... i love you more.....