Friday, October 10, 2008

Nanny & Poppy come to the OPC

Sorry Debs - I'm the sole blogger here! Poppy and Nanny came today. They are giving their presentation on Russia to the OPC tonight. Poppy brought his projector so we tried it out on the white board. It was cool. Can you see what movie we are watching?
No one wanted to take a serious picture - even Nanny!!! At the church Daniel stole my camera and started taking all sorts of shots. Here is a great one he took - check out that cavity. Last picture is just hanging out with a friend in church.
Have a great day all!!!!!

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brooklyndeb said...

hey law...i am so glad you're back. i have missed life with the fuenz's!!! i believe that indiana jones in that first picture! man...what is daniel eating? it looks chocolatey and good. yummy! i hope you are having a great friday...and that your week was awesome...and that your weekend will be the best. hope we can talk soon. love ya deb