Sunday, October 5, 2008

A nice weekend.

This weekend was nice. Daniel and Esther had a "Lands of the Bible" class on Saturday morning. Then Esther went to her girlfriends house and I had some of the boy's friends over. We went to Strickland park to play ball. Later on we went shoe shopping at Payless "BOGO" time. Then Daniel practiced his piano and I did laundry, changed the curtains, cooked stromboli for Sunday's coverd dish and took care of the plants. Doesn't my aloe plant look well? Here is Esther ready for church. Today was our long church day 9:00am to 4:00pm but it is my favorite day - I love being at church with my christian family. Love to you all.

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brooklyndeb said...

BOGO days??? i am jealous! there is no "get one free" anyplace over hear. oh man...the expenses. i am glad to see the boys playing every good american should! hey your aloe looks great. now you are set should you need any of it's healing powers. well, i hope that you will have a wonderful day on this fine montag, i mean monday! ha! love you!!!