Thursday, October 30, 2008

More pictures from today.

Just some more random shots from today. Enjoy!!!!
Do you like our mums?

Those dang inspections

Today we had to bring the car in for an inspection so around lunch time we got bagels (a treat) and headed out. The mechanic's place was right near snake park so we walked over to eat our lunch and hang till they called us.
A yellow jacket wanted some Formula 50 (my favorite flavor) but we didn't let him have it. Then Esther read to me from "Charlie and the Glass Elevator". And of course the kids had to ride the baby swings. It was fun.
Oh yea, the car failed the inspection!!! It needs some work first. LOL What a life!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Food Basics...

Tuesday afternoon

There's a song with that title "Tuesday Afternoon" do you know it??? We went to the library today - can you believe I got there before my books were due - unbelievable!! The library may be free but I've paid my dues over and over.

Then we went to Food Basics and here are the basic foods we bought... Deb do you need some tomatoes???
I gave the camera to Esther then Isaiah so there are many more pictures. Enjoy!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Every home owner's nightmare!!

What can I say but "HELP". These fell off our roof (if anything is left) last night after a windy rain storm. AGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH.

The final product and more items...

We also cooked homemade applesauce, yummy!! Baked bread in the electric bread maker - toasting it with butter for a late night snack in a few minutes!! And here are the cookies. They came out tasty although I think the peppermint flavoring is overwhelming.

More Sunday cookin

These are out of order also, but use your imagination. The green frosting is peppermint flavored.

Sunday Cookin

This is honestly my third attempt to get this blog to go in order and I just have no more patience so, enjoy the story and the pictures in any order you wish.
Today we did some cooking and baking. Daniel wanted to make this cookie called "Bittersweet Chocolate and Peppermint Sandwiches" from a Christmas Cookies magazine I just bought. (I must admit I buy one each year - the cookie addition, my one indulgence!!). As you can see the boys were helping me. Esther and Dad were at church. We didn't go because of boy's lack of sleep issues over the weekend.
In pix 2 - Isaiah cracked the egg at the wrong time!!! lol. This cookie had specific measurement requirements - as you see Daniel measuring.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Wedding

The wedding of Bracey's friend Sheldon was lovely. It began in a rush for me though. Bracey was a groomsman and I had to drop him off at the church at 8:45. He told me the wedding was at 10:30, enough time to go the the drug store to buy nylons, get home and get dressed. I was fast but at 9:58 Bracey called me and said "Laura, I made a mistake the wedding is going to start in 7 minutes". OK, rush, rush, rush. I left the house (without the camera!!!) and got to the church at 10:19. And guess what? The wedding didn't start until 10:45. I went home after the service to get the camera before heading to the reception which was in Queens.
The ceremony was beautiful. The pastor gave a perfect message and charge to the bride and groom. The food at the reception was delicious and the atmosphere delightful. Here are the pictures - enjoy.

The third picture is looking out over Queens, that's the Zoo below. I love the one of Bracey looking out over the city. Oh if all of those people were Christians!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Candelight Celebration

We were so blessed by God to see Peter come out of his episode with no foreseen problems we had a candlelight dinner. Thanks Mom and Dad for starting that tradition when I was a young girl. It is so much fun and relaxing. Of course I included a picture of Petey!!!
"God is good, all the time. Put a song of praise in this heart of mine."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In the classroom.

Ok so I went to the library, CVS, and Doody's but forgot my camera so here are our school pictures of the day.
Daniel finished his Astronomy work. Esther is getting some tips on double digit multiplication. All three are doing Grammar (possessive nouns - PNA). Finally, Isaiah finishing (very late into the night) his Astronomy work.
See ya later.