Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday morning bagels

It's an overcast day today, like the last 3 days and the leaves have been falling at a steady pace. As you can see by the picture of Daniel in front of our house there are not as many leaves as the third picture. That is because my neighbor uses her leaf blower 3 and 4 times PER DAY during this season. Personally I like the way the fallen leaves look and smell but that's not happening on my block!!! Ryan slept over last night so Daniel and I walked to Bagel Bobs to get some fresh Brooklyn Bagels - Yummy!!!

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brooklyndeb said...

law...thank you sooooooo much for sharing your adventures with me! i so enjoyed sharing your experiences!!! and brooklyn bagels!!! oh man...i would love bite of that right now!!! hey...btw...the front yard looks awesome!!! i love the stones. i am hoping to do some stone work in the spring. i have been inspired here in germany. i gotta show you some of the pix! love you!!!