Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My right as an American.

God Bless America... Let's see what happens now!! I performed my duty and voted today at 2:00pm. I did not have to wait on any lines. I had Esther with me taking pictures and I was able to take one before I cast my vote. While I was in the booth I heard the ladies who work for the election saying, "Did you see that woman with the camera, is that allowed? What should we do?" I didn't wait to see I jetted out of there as fast as I could!! Then we hung around the park for a few minutes as the boys rode their bikes. See you tomorrow when the world changes!!!!

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brooklyndeb said...

wow...the voting booth. i'll bet you caused a big stir with the camera!!! oh boy...let's see what happens now. should we even come home??? hey, where is daniel's helmet??? i am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night!!! love you!!! ps...have a great time in the city today! i am jealous!!!