Saturday, November 15, 2008

A leafless existence

Just so you all can feel what I feel (cause you can't hear it) I am showing you how my neighbor methodically removes EVERY leaf on her property. Since we live so close she does part of my property too. It has rained for a few day here so many a leaf has fallen. Today my neighbor used her leaf blower 3 times! As you can see I also included what a normal house should look like!! I enjoy the leaves but not while I live here!!!
We are taking a short trip to PA - Dad please leave the leaves for us to play in!!!
Debs, Kathy, B&K, and friends have fun in Paris!! Love ya.


Aunt Ruth said...

I never really like the leaves and now I really enjoy them (as long as I don't have to clean them up. God truly amazes us every day with HIS handiwork.

Life's Ups and Downs said...

Geez! It looks unnatural.

brooklyndeb said...

she takes care of a "little of your property"??? there isn't a speck around!!! but i am sure that there are plenty of leaves on sawmill please, feel free to head on down and have a blast in them!!! btw...again...i really love the front of your house!!! love you more though!!!