Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our New Washing machine!! Cost - $1.25

God is so good to us - He always provides for our needs - well we needed a new washer and here she is. A Kenmore Ellite Calypso Wash Motion Machine - "Calypso, I release you from your human bonds!" (Line from Pirates movie).

Our good friends the Vixama's mentioned to me that they had received a brand new washing machine from a neighbor who was moving. They had just bought a front loader and didn't need this one, so they put it in their garage, and now it's in my basement! All we needed to buy was a replacement plug $1.25!

So today, as part of our school day we all stayed in the basement for 22 minutes while we tested out the Express cycle to make sure it drained properly into our small drain sink! Worked like magic. Tonight I will try a bigger load. Thank you Lord for your blessings!


Debbie said...


Debbie said...

you soooooo deserve that deal!!!